Hi, I am Teggy

Age: 3.5yrs

Gender: Female (Sterilized)

Being Teggy, I am easy to please with the leggy limbs of one’s blessings. Yes, I am female, I love warm laps and give me my own little hiding space and I will stare at the world as you pass through your day, but always there to let you know someone’s cares also. Although I am in my mid 3’s, I only want the touch of kindness to be my caretaker’s hands… I know you want me, so just ask the loving family at Wet Nose for my Number… Lots of Love, Teggy.

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The adoption fee will include sterilization of your pet, up-to-date deworming and vaccinations, and a microchip. Should you adopt an animal that’s still too young to be sterilized, a sterilization voucher will be issued.

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